Health and Safety Trainers and Consultants in Kent

Health and Safety Advise You Need to Read.

No: 1

Health and Safety advise should only be provided by a competent health and safety person. Who has the knowledge and experience to deal with your  health and safety risk. Never never hire a consultant who has limited ability or has only worked in junior positions in industry. As quite often basic safety officers or trainers sell their selves as consultants.

We strongly believe that only health and safety professionals who have held senior positions at a corporate / director level can really provide the advice and support you would expect. So always check on your consultants personal background and experience. Safety officers or managers are not the ideal consultant you would expect to advise your organizations on corporate risk.

No: 2

Never let a safety consultancy scare you into taking up their services, quite often we come across so called health and safety consultancies that offer free visits and seminars and then try to scare people with tales of massive fines and prosecutions. Then they sell a very basic service, and of the shelve documents, and quite often insurance policies as part of the package. So do take care and do not fall for hard sales tactics of some of the organizations who only have to meet sales targets first and fail to provide customer service at the level you would expect.

 No: 3

Ebay health and safety materials, so it looks like a great bargain but it normally does not comply with the law.  Many people have paid the price of failure due to the so called EBAY health and safety Consultants. They provide cheap training material and policy documents for as low as a £1, which means you get £1 worth of very poor technical HSE knowledge and support. As the old saying goes ''you get what you pay for''.  AVOID AT ALL COST.  Be warned the cheap consultant does not deliver he only sales paper.

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